Hamilton city councillor Mark Bunting has resigned from his position as Deputy Chair of the Community Services Committee after sending a lewd message to a journalist.

Bunting sent a Newshub video of a hacked road sign containing a sexual joke to a female journalist and faced a disciplinary hearing today following a formal complaint.

Mark Bunting sent the video of the two electronic signs to journalist Angela Cuming which read "Jesus is cuming" and "open your mouth".

Cuming posted the photo to Twitter, describing it as a "grossly inappropriate and offensive 'joke'."


Bunting then apologised for sending it.

"You might see a thread on Twitter about a meme I sent privately to someone whom I thought was a mate," he said in social media posts earlier this week.

"I misjudged the humour and offended them as a result. Needless to say I feel terrible about it and regret what was an error of judgement and I apologise unreservedly."

Bunting, a first-time councillor and former radio personality, faced a disciplinary hearing in front of Mayor Andrew King, deputy mayor Martin Gallagher and two other elected officials this morning where he said the message was sent in a "personal capacity".

The Complaints Committee found that Bunting breached the Council's Code of Conduct Policy by sending the message and accepted his offer of resignation from his position as deputy chair of the Community and Services Committee.

The committee recommended a workshop be arranged for elected members covering topics relating to the code of behaviour.

In a written statement released today, Bunting apologised for sending the message.

"Recently I privately shared a Newshub video with an acquaintance in an attempt to make her laugh.


"In doing so I misjudged how offensive it would be to her and as a result how hurtful it could be to women, Christians and the general public. I misjudged badly and apologise unreservedly.

"I will continue to serve the Hamilton community with honesty and am extremely motivated to win back the trust of those I have offended. I am sorry."