A shop's windows are smashed and four cars damaged after an elderly man apparently lost control of his car in a carpark in Glen Eden.

He reversed into the Jacryn Hair Studio, damaging several vehicles on the way, and shattered the windows of the Glenmall Place shop.

A Fire and Emergency spokesman said four vehicles were damaged.

Emergency services work to free the crashed car. Photo / Manet Noun
Emergency services work to free the crashed car. Photo / Manet Noun

A police spokesperson said police are in attendance at the incident where an elderly male driver has suffered a medical event.

"As a result, his vehicle has reversed and three other vehicles have been hit, while the vehicle also made contact with a [premises] - breaking a window."

The driver sustained minor injuries and is being treated on scene by St John, while no one else was injured.


A witness from a nearby bakery said a man reversed into the shop and damaged several other cars.

She said police, fire and emergency and a tow truck were at the crash, which happened shortly after 1pm today.

Another witness, from the laundromat next door to the salon, believed the driver was the father of the salon owner.

"He was backing out of a parking space directly in front of the shop when he crashed into two cars," he said.

"He was then asked to slowly back up but suddenly he crashed into the shop and smashed the windows."

He said he was not sure what caused the incident.