The Rugby League World Cup quarter-final between New Zealand and Fiji in Wellington last night resulted in some injuries - however they weren't limited to those playing on the field.

A drunk fan was taken to hospital with a suspected broken ankle after he attempted to invade the pitch.

Wellington District Rugby League World Cup Operations Commander Inspector Neil Banks said, "he was intoxicated and climbing over the fence when he fell and quite seriously injured himself."

He says this is one of the many reasons we don't want people trying to get onto the pitch- because it's dangerous.


Under the Major Events Management Act, a charge of pitch invasion can carry up to three months' imprisonment or a fine of $5000.

Two other people were arrested during the game.

One was charged with pitch invasion in a separate incident, and the other person was arrested for being disorderly while being evicted from the stadium.

In total nine people were removed from the stadium by security and police.