Silver Fern Maria Tutaia has tied the knot with her long-term partner Australian rugby star Israel Folau in a private ceremony in Australia.

Tutaia and Folau announced their engagement in October last year and Australian media reported the couple were wed in Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales on Wednesday.

Tutaia, 30, recently responded to a fan speculating about whether any future children of the couple would represent Australia or New Zealand by saying her children would represent New Zealand and Samoa, not Australia.

Folau, 28, is skipping the Australian end-of-year tour, and played his final game of the year two weeks ago against the Barbarians.


He told Australian media this month that the couple weren't in a rush to get married.

"We're not in a rush to get things done, we're just really trying to enjoy our time together because we don't get a lot of that together."

The wedding ceremony coincided with the result of Australia's same-sex marriage plebiscite being revealed. Folau, a Christian, has been an outspoken opponent of same-sex marriage.

He shared on social media his stance against same-sex marriage and last month told reporters at a press conference that he stood by his previous comments.

"I stand alongside what I said on that time... I stay true to myself and what I believe in."

Tutaia and Folau have spoken of their long-distance relationship and how they often would only spend two nights a week together. They haven't confirmed which side of the Tasman would be their full-time home.

Tutaia resigned with the Northern Mystics for two more years in July, amid speculation she would take a sabbatical after the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The couple's most recent public appearance together was at Derby Day in Melbourne earlier this month.