Today's Kaipara District Council meeting will be Greg Gent's last act as mayor and he remains tightlipped on why he's resigning or his future plans.

The Ruawai farmer and businessman announced early last month he was resigning because of personal reasons after just one year into the job.

His resignation has triggered a byelection in February next year that will cost ratepayers $38,000.

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Mr Gent secured 4799 votes in the local government election in October last year, beating Mangawhai's Bruce Rogan for the mayoralty.

Mr Gent has declined to elaborate further on why he is leaving the job, but has agreed his resignation was "unexpected".

Last week he agreed to an interview with the Northern Advocate but withdrew a few days later.

Yesterday, Mr Gent said he would not be making any comment either before or after the council meeting today on why he was resigning.

"I know that doesn't make your job easy but that's how I want to play it."

After his resignation, Mr Gent has indicated his willingness to serve as a ratepayer representative on the Raupo Drainage Committee, as from Thursday this week.

The proposed appointment will need to be confirmed at today's council meeting.

The Raupo Drainage Committee meets four times each year to consider maintenance and renewal works that are required in the Raupo Drainage District.

During Mr Gent's short stint as mayor the council's debt reduced from $63 million when he got elected to $52m at the end of September this year.

The bulk of the unaudited $52m debt consists of loans from the Local Government Funding Agency and commercial banks.

In a report to the council for today's meeting, democratic services manager Shaun
Mahoney said deputy mayor Peter Wethey would act as mayor at civic functions and meetings.

A new mayor will be elected on February 17, which is the first available date for a byelection, in keeping with electoral law time frames for nominations, posting ballots and other procedures.

It also takes into account time for Christmas and holiday closures.

Now facing the loss of the first mayor it has been allowed to have in years, and only a third of the way through his term, the council has had four chief executives in five years.

The current acting chief executive, Peter Tynan, was appointed a month ago, after being recommended for the job by Mr Gent.