Two maximum security prisoners are recovering in hospital after separate gang-related attacks at Auckland Prison today.

Authorities had to intervene in two separate incidents this afternoon in which both victims were attacked by other prisoners using makeshift weapons.

Exactly how many prisoners were involved is not clear.

A statement released by Corrections said "several'' perpetrators had since been placed on directed segregation as a result of today's events.


Prison director Andy Langley confirmed both violent attacks were gang-related and praised prison staff who stepped in to secure the situation.

"Staff responded with bravery and professionalism to bring both events under control immediately.

"Our staff work with some of New Zealand's most difficult and challenging citizens," he said.

"Over 75 per cent of the prison population have convictions for violence in their offending histories and gang members are disproportionately identified as responsible for assaults in prison.''

The two prisoners hurt are recovering in hospital and are said to be in a stable condition.

Police are investigating both incidents.