Gareth Morgan has made another large donation to The Opportunities Party - taking his total contribution to the party over the $2 million mark.

The party declared a $430,000 donation from Morgan last week, on top of previous donations totalling $1.7m. The recent donation was made on October 20.

TOP, which was formed just 10 months before the election, won 2.2 per cent of the vote in preliminary results and no electorate seats.

Morgan also promised to give up to $1 million to charities, which he hoped would attract voters. As a new party, TOP received only $41,000 from the Electoral Commission for its broadcasting allocation - compared with more than $1 million for National and Labour.


Morgan, an economist and philanthropist, made his fortune in economic forecasting, investment and banking. While his net worth is not known, he famously made $47 million from his $75,000 stake in his son Sam's company Trade Me when it sold to Fairfax.

He previously said TOP is a long-term project and it will stand in 2020, and the party has continued to issue press releases following September's election.