Wedding bells are about to ring for Kim Dotcom and fiance Elizabeth Donnelly.

And when they do, in classic Dotcom style, he plans on his wedding day making a statement.

The German entrepreneur has told the Herald on Sunday he is going to get married to fiance Elizabeth Donnelly on January 20 - the anniversary of the raid during which he was arrested.

He said it would be the sixth anniversary of the raid and would be "a small private ceremony".


The wedding was originally planned for this month but Dotcom has marked almost every anniversary of the raid with a special event.

The first anniversary saw the launch of the Mega business developed after the 2012 raid when he and three others were arrested in New Zealand.

The arrests were on behalf of the FBI, which was carrying out a worldwide operation targeting his filesharing business Megaupload, at the time consuming 4 per cent of the globe's internet traffic.

The announcement marks the end of a big week for Dotcom with the announcement police had made a confidential settlement in a damages case he and former wife Mona had taken over the raid.

Elizabeth Donnelly is 21 years younger than Kim Dotcom.
Elizabeth Donnelly is 21 years younger than Kim Dotcom.

Even though Dotcom was facing claims of criminal copyright violation - something later found to not be a crime in New Zealand - the police used the heavily-armed anti-terrorist Special Tactics Group in a helicopter assault on his $30m Coatesville mansion.

He and others arrested face decades in jail if successfully extradited to the United States and convicted on copyright, money laundering and other charges.

Dotcom has always denied any illegality.

He and Donnelly will have been seeing each other for about two years when they marry.


In an earlier interview, Dotcom said: "I'm in love. We're in love. This is not some fling - this is serious.

Elizabeth Donnelly and Kim Dotcom moved to Queenstown in August.
Elizabeth Donnelly and Kim Dotcom moved to Queenstown in August.

"I thought I would never love again.My heart turned ice cold after my separation from Mona. To love and be loved is what happiness is all about.

"I'm so happy that I met Liz and that I can feel those butterflies again."

The couple moved to Queenstown in August. Donnelly - who is 21 years younger than Dotcom - is believed to be planning on attending the University of Otago to further her legal studies.