An earthquake measuring 4.7 has caused strong shaking near White Island.

The quake struck 10km east of White Island at a depth of 18km just before midday.

A second quake then struck 13 minutes later, registering just under 3.

On Twitter, one user said they felt shaking in Whakatane. More than 180 people told GeoNet they had felt the quake.


A spokeswoman for White Island tours said about half the staff in the company's Whakatane office felt the quake today.

She said boats out on tours weren't due back until later this afternoon so she couldn't comment on whether guides or customers had felt the shaking.

Unless GeoNet put a warning in place it would be business as usual, she said.

White Island is 48km off the east coast of the North Island.

The quake follows multiple tremors two days ago near the island. They were 10km east of the island.