A 12-year-old arrested in relation to a stolen car that crashed into a bus and tree was found by police after he allegedly crashed another stolen car hours later.

Rotorua police have confirmed the boy has been arrested and is being dealt with by the police's youth aid section.

Other youths believed to be involved have also been referred to the police's youth aid section.

A police media spokesperson said in a statement police saw a vehicle driving in an unsafe manner on Old Taupo Rd about 4pm on Monday.

The driver was directed to stop but failed to do so, continuing towards the CBD.


Police followed the vehicle for a short time before abandoning the chase because of the manner of driving.

The vehicle, a stolen Mazda Demio, crashed into a Cityride bus on the corner of Amohau and Ranolf Sts before continuing into Pretoria St where it crashed into a tree.

There was minor damage to the side of the bus.

The statement said the occupants ran off and were found by police last night after they were involved in a second crash, in another stolen vehicle.

All occupants have since been referred to youth aid.

Just prior to this incident occupants of a similar vehicle were reported to police as having fired a BB gun or similar on Shirley St, Mangakakahi.

The statement said police were looking to establish whether the incidents were linked.

No one was injured as a result of the crashes or the shooting incident.

Meanwhile, Rotorua Neighbourhood Support has issued an alert to its subscribers to keep an eye out for suspicious activity around vehicles.

The email alert said there had been several Mazda Demos targeted to steal in the past month.

"Please remain aware of groups of youth in and around your business, they are very young, aged around 10 to 17 years old and as they would normally be at school at that age they stand out so it would be appreciated if you could ring 111 if they are behaving suspiciously," the email said.