A dairy owner's fairy godfather helped police stop an offender.

Kitted out in a pink crop top, tutu, fishnets and fairy wings, the man stopped an offender escaping a crime scene.

Around 2pm on Sunday, a man entered a dairy on Hastings St in Napier wearing a balaclava and threatened a staff member, before being chased out of the dairy.

Running across the street, the fairy and another member of the public tackled the offender to the ground.


The man in pink, who had been taking part in a breast cancer awareness walk, phoned police and reported the incident.

An off-duty officer was in the area and ran to the pair's aid to help restrain the offender until police arrived.

Senior Sergeant Kevin Stewart wanted to thank the "fairy hero" for saving the day.

"We want to give our pink fairy hero and his acquaintance a big pat on the back for preventing this offender from getting away," Stewart said.

"While we encourage people to think about the risks involved before stepping in during an incident such as this, there is no denying that the efforts of these two good Samaritans have assisted us in preventing this person causing further harm in our community."

A 42-year-old man has been charged with aggravated robbery and is set to appear in Hastings District Court on Monday. He was treated for minor injuries.

Police are investigating the incident and would appreciate hearing from anyone who has any information. They can contact Napier Police on 06 831 0700.

"We accept the pink uniform is rather effective and was popular with bystanders," Stewart said. "But I think we'll be sticking to the blue."