An Auckland commuter who believes his car was fired at yesterday morning by an enraged driver fears for his life.

Dilpreet Singh, a 19-year-old from India, believes he was targeted in a racist attack because his vehicle has Punjabi words written on the back.

He left his South Auckland home for work yesterday morning without a care in the world, but within minutes he was paralysed with fear and unable to move.

Singh took a left turn from Kerrykeel Dr onto Murphys Rd in Flat Bush and said he was then pursued at speed by another vehicle.


"I was going to work at about 8.45am, when I saw someone driving about 120km/h coming up behind me.

"He came after me at such a fast speed that I thought he was going to ram the car."

As the two vehicles approached the intersection of Murphys Rd and Ormiston Rd, Singh said the other driver began flashing his lights, swearing and pulling the middle finger at him.

"I choose to ignore him but then I heard a loud bang," he said.

"I looked around to see if there had been an accident or something.

"The next minute I heard a second bang and saw a gun in his hand and my window shattered completely."

Singh said the moment the lights went green he drove to the other side of the intersection and pulled over.

"I was so terrified I couldn't move. I was shivering on the spot," he said.


"I wasn't even able to call police at first. I called my brother and told him I was unable to move and he told me to call police."

Dilpreet Singh was so terrified after what he says was a racially based attack, that he couldn't move.
Dilpreet Singh was so terrified after what he says was a racially based attack, that he couldn't move.

Police confirmed they were called about 9am yesterday to a report of road rage.

"A male had the rear window of his vehicle broken by another party," the spokesperson said.

"Another male fled the scene in a vehicle described as a silver Hyundai i30."

Though Singh believed he had been shot at, police said there was no evidence at this stage to suggest a firearm was involved.

The alleged offender is described as a Pacific Islander or Maori male, of strong build, with no facial hair. He was wearing a black hat and black coat.

Singh, who moved to New Zealand from India just over a year ago, said the attack left him feeling helpless and too afraid to leave his home.

"I believe I was a target of racism because on the back of my car I have writing in my own language.

"I have my last name written in Punjabi. I think he must have seen that and was angry.

"I plan to take a few days off work because I don't feel mentally stable enough to go to work."

He said he hoped police would take his report seriously.

"If the police cannot find him then I will be even more shocked.

"I just want people to be safe and for all immigrants to feel like they are safe here because I consider this a racist attack."

Police said they were making inquiries and asked for anyone who saw the attack or had any information to contact Constable Kevin Sun from Ormiston Police on (09) 250 2800.