No change is needed to MMP, according to outgoing Prime Minister Bill English.

English is leading the biggest party in Parliament into opposition but told Newstalk ZB's Mike Hosking the result is not so exceptional that the electoral system needs an overhaul.

"Right now we've just got to suck it up. It's the rules we play by and it's a legitimate result under those rules."

He says it's a unique position for National to be in as the Opposition, in that the party had more support than Labour and NZ First combined.


English is talking up the strength of his numbers and predicting the coalition government will face a tough time over the next three years.

English, doing his first media rounds as leader of the Opposition this morning, says his position is unprecedented after NZ First's decision last week to go into government with Labour.

National's 56 seats have been outgunned by the combination of Labour's 46, NZ First's nine and the Greens' eight seats.

"No other leader of the Opposition has been in this situation," English told Newshub.

"This is certainly the most widely supported party going into opposition. It's not like the usual losses of 1999 or 2008 where a government changed."

English said he did not agree with Labour's stance that New Zealand was "in a really bad way".

"I think most New Zealanders don't agree with it."

However, it did have challenges and the Government would find some things "a bit more complicated than making values statements", English said.


"We want to see New Zealand continue to benefit from a strong economy. We also want to hold them to account on issues outside the economy.

"We'll get to see today whether they actually do have a plan for reducing poverty; whether there is a plan for lifting incomes."

English wouldn't reveal whether he would offer his resignation to National's caucus meeting today.