Darcy Britton's precious tandem bike has been returned to him - and whoever stole it left a note explaining why they did so.

On Monday the Wanganui Chronicle reported on the plight of Darcy, 17, who has been blind for the past three years because of a brain tumour. The Whanganui High School student's only form of transport is a tandem bike, which he rides with his mother, Colleen Lee.

On Saturday night Darcy and Colleen were both out. Someone stole the tandem from their locked shed, leaving them upset and angry.

The pair pleaded with the thief to return the tandem - no questions asked. And it seems their plea was heard.


"On Tuesday night, my mum's friend came round and found the bike leaning against the front fence," Darcy said.

And there was a note attached: "Sorry, I was drunk. I hope I haven't wrecked the bike."

"I was rapt - I was happy as," Darcy said.

The bike wasn't "wrecked", but it did have some scraped paint and jammed brakes, which were fixed by a trip to a local bike shop.

Colleen said they have no idea who stole the tandem.

"I'm just relieved. And I'd like to thank whoever brought it back," she said.