Kiwis are being warned that New Zealand is not safe from a North Korean attack.

Following North Korea's most recent missile tests in July, experts now warn that Auckland, Waikato and Northland are within range of an intercontinental attack.

The rogue state's second test estimates an intercontinental ballistic missile, the Hwasong-14, has a range of 10,000km.

An infographic from ABC News Australia revealed that the upper half of the North Island is in range, with Auckland just 9810km away from North Korea's capital Pyongyang.


Should estimations be correct, the Hwasong-14 has the potential to hit all of Australia, Los Angeles, most of Europe, and experts indicate Washington DC and New York could be in reach given the rotation of the earth increasing the range of missiles fired in an easterly direction.

Photo / ABC News
Photo / ABC News

North Korea also has an array of space launch vehicles, which it has used to put satellites into orbit, according to ABC.

"Some estimates put their reach at 15,000 kilometres in a three-stage configuration.

"Under this scenario, the only continent that would be largely safe would be South America."

New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Gerry Brownlee previously said North Korea's missile development is a concern for New Zealand and any interaction with Kim Jong Un needs to be treated with the greatest care.

"This guy is irrational. He's nuts and not a sort of person that you'd want to have with a finger anywhere near the trigger of a nuclear weapon".

He also said it was a time for "cool heads" and any response to North Korea's actions had to be "very carefully considered".

"We continue to have dialogue with partner countries and will continue to support diplomatic efforts to bring about a resolution."


Despite concerns, the majority of North Korea's long-range missile capability remains largely untested.

Kiwis in Japan, South Korea and neighbouring countries are being warned to keep themselves updated with the latest developments with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs warning that further provocations were possible.

"Tensions on the Korean Peninsula could escalate with little warning and New Zealanders in Japan are advised to monitor the media to stay informed of any developments and follow any alerts and instructions issued by the local authorities."