Sweet Louise has created a bra chandelier to shine light on incurable breast cancer in New Zealand.

The charity is the only in New Zealand solely dedicated to supporting those living with incurable breast cancer.

Around 600 bras have been donated by women from all over the country, including Jacinda Ardern, Nikki Kaye, Rachel Hunter, Ali Mau and Brodie Kane, who all donated their bras.

Sweet Louise chief executive Fiona Hatton said they put the call out to numerous high-profile women in New Zealand for their support and they were "very lucky".


"We actually went out to quite a lot of them ... they were all very lovely about it.

"Well the timing (was difficult) for some of them, certainly like Jacinda was a bit busier, but she was certainly willing," Hatton said.

The chandelier will be on display from October 13 to October 23.
The chandelier will be on display from October 13 to October 23.

Ardern said she was "really happy" to be a part of the bra chandelier contribution.

"It's sobering to think that the bras collected represents the number of Kiwis living with incurable breast cancer. My heartfelt wishes go out to each and every one of them," Ardern said.

Ali Mau donated one of her favourites, saying "it will be particularly nice to see all those 'instruments of torture' used to create a beautiful work of bra art."

While Brodie Kane, a new ambassador for Sweet Louise, said it was a good chance to review her drawers.

"Donating my bra to such an amazing cause made me realise that I am in dire need of some new ones!"

Each bra collected represents each of Sweet Louise's current members throughout New Zealand.


"Our goal was to create a piece of art that would become a conversation starter and we have certainly done that," Hatton said.

The chandelier will be unveiled at Orakei Bay Village on Friday, October 13, and will be open to the public - free of charge - until it closes on Monday, October 23.