A new rubbish tag system introduced in West Auckland on Monday has led to a handful of complaints about tags being ripped off, says Auckland Council.

Waste Solutions general manager Parul Sood said the council had received six complaints, five of which said they had put the tag on and it had gone missing.

She said the tags were designed so that if somebody tried to take it off for reuse it will not work.

"You would basically have to break it off and people are also writing their address on it as well," said Sood, saying it was not compulsory for people to write their name on tags but a sensible security measure.


The new, pay as you go system is a move away from 60 litre orange plastic bags costing $2.30 to 140 litre blue and yellow lidded wheelie bins costing $3.80.

Sood said 70,000 households in the old Waitakere City Council area were moving to the new system. The plastic bags would continue in use until March next year.

She said if people had any issues with the tags being removed they should contact the council.