The NZ Professional Firefighters Union is urging its members not to apply for any vacant positions at the Auckland City station where a senior investigator was accused of bullying.

A female firefighter, who has asked to remain anonymous, laid a complaint against Mike McEnaney in 2015, alleging that he repeatedly bullied her at that station.

NZH Focus understands most of her claims were not upheld by a draft independent investigation but others, including being yelled at and called an idiot, were found to be true.

"The investigation process in respect of Mr McEnaney has now been concluded and Mr McEnaney's employment with Fire and Emergency New Zealand had been brought to an end," a letter to the complainant, dated July 26, 2017, reads.


McEnaney told NZH Focus he would not comment on the bullying claims in the complaint nor the reasons behind why his contract at the Fire Service had ended.

A notice to members has since gone up on the NZ Professional Firefighters Union website.

It said members should not apply for advertised Fire Safety positions in the Auckland City Area Four in the mean time.

It also added that if anyone had applied already they shoud withdraw their application.

Union spokesman John Waldow told NZH Focus it didn't want members being exposed to the "toxic environment" at that station and had concerns about members' safety.

The Fire Service said it was aware of the notice and was continuing to work with the union on the matter.