Winston Peters has left his caucus meeting with his MPs, saying he is confident he can conclude negotiations by October 12.

Asked if he was going for some talks with National or Labour, Peters said, "no, I'm going for lunch".

Peters said there was "all afternoon to go yet" in response to questions about a possible outcome.

Peters has said he wants to wait for special votes to be counted this Saturday before finalising any decision, given the number of seats held by National, Labour and the Greens could change. He has also said he wants any decision made by October 12.


Asked if he could still meet that deadline, Peters said he could.

Peters met his MPs in Wellington this morning after earlier talks with leaders Bill English and Jacinda Ardern.

English was first to make personal contact with Peters, calling him on Sunday and getting a call back yesterday morning. Ardern called Peters soon after he spoke to English.

Peters may wait until Thursday to meet Ardern and English as he has a funeral to attend tomorrow.

The negotiations could be complicated, given Peters' options range from a full coalition inside Cabinet, a support agreement offering confidence and supply in return for some ministerial posts outside Cabinet, to sitting on the cross benches offering support on a case-by-case basis in return for minimal policy gains.

Labour and National are likely to push for a greater commitment than the cross benches to ensure stability.

Special votes will be announced on Saturday. This morning, Ardern indicated it would be difficult to form a Government unless Labour or the Greens picks up more seats after specials are counted.