A protester whose allegations led to driving charges against former Whanganui MP Chester Borrows has written to the Attorney General seeking an inquiry into the failed prosecution by police.

Denise Lockett was one of two protesters who came into contact with a car carrying government minister Paula Bennett in March last year and which was driven by then MP Chester Borrows.

Mr Borrows was found not guilty of careless driving causing injury in May.

Judge Stephanie Edwards said she was satisfied Mr Borrows' car did contact Ms Lockett and Tracey Treadwell, on March 22 2016 during a TPP protest in Liverpool Street, Whanganui.


But she accepted that he drove slowly, was aware of the people around him and would have stopped if there was a safety risk. She found his failure to stop was not careless, and therefore he was not guilty.

The judge also accepted Mr Borrows had valid reason to be concerned for his passenger's comfort, if not her safety and rejected evidence from a protester that the car sped up as it approached them.

Ms Lockett claims the police obstructed the course of justice and a proper prosecution of Mr Borrows and "strongly request an inquiry into the management of the prosecution case by the Wanganui Police" and one of its officers.

In a letter to the Attorney General Ms Lockett alleges the police made little effort to establish their case, failed to collect evidence and did not attempt to ascertain the speed at which Borrows was driving.

"All in all we are convinced that the police did not pursue this prosecution in a professional manner. In fact, we are certain that they actively obstructed the course of justice and we ask that you thoroughly examine their actions, this entire case and how this affects the judge's decision," Ms Lockett wrote.

She is also seeking a retrial.