An Edgecumbe home rebuilt after April's floods has had to be repaired a second time after vandals smashed holes in the walls of almost every room.

It comes as Maori Wardens and locals patrol the town following a spate of thefts and vandalism.

The Tawhara Pl property is owned by Josh and Shaz Cozens and had been all but completed before the vandalism. In spite of neighbours who have been able to return home living close by, no one heard the destruction being carried out earlier this week.

"Only the carpet had to be laid before it was signed over to us," Mr Cozens said. "The senseless act has probably pushed us back a week but we are fortunate in that it is our rental and we are not waiting to get back home."

Holes in the walls. Photo/Supplied
Holes in the walls. Photo/Supplied

As well as holes punched into the new walls, some type of cream brought to the house had also been smeared around one of the rooms. The container holding the cream had been left at the home and had a person's name written on it.

"Probably the worst part about it is it holds up the next person in line for the tradespeople working in the house."

He is not sure of the cost of the damage, which has already been repaired. Painters are now waiting for the plaster to dry before they can repaint the walls.

Constable Wayne Lawrence, of Edgecumbe, said police were looking into the vandalism and were confident a person would be held accountable.

"We are urging the Edgecumbe community, and tradespeople working on the rebuild, to be vigilant and to also ensure they are securing their belongings whenever possible. Quite often tools are left on driveways and keys are left in the ignition of vehicles.

"Police also want people to contact immediately with any concerns they might have. Even if they seem trivial, give us a call and we will do our very best to get there," Mr Lawrence said.

Thefts and vandalism in Edgecumbe have been highlighted on social media in recent weeks and have caused an online uproar with many people posting the community had suffered enough without having to be on the receiving end of crime.

As a response, Maori wardens have established their presence in the town again and locals are continuing with their own patrols.


"It's crappy that this is happening because most of the people in Edgecumbe know each other well. And we know it's not outsiders coming in, from what we're hearing most of the crime is being committed by locals," Mr Cozens said.