The Green Party has announced its team to lead coalition negotiations.

The team is led by leader James Shaw, MP Eugenie Sage, acting chief of staff Tory Whanau, party co-convenor Debs Martin and party campaign committee member and former communications director Andrew Campbell.

Winston Peters is expected to be at Parliament tomorrow when his party will hold its first post-election caucus.

Labour and the Greens are relying on the special votes to deliver them more seats so a Labour-Green-NZ First coalition would have more than a slim one-majority of 61.


The results of those special votes won't be known until October 7.

Shaw said formal negotiations were yet to start but he felt it was important to be transparent.

"The negotiation team is supported by a reference group with broad expertise, including Jeanette Fitzsimons and other senior figures in the Green Party.

"I want to assure Green Party members and the public that we go into these negotiations in good faith and with the best interests of all New Zealanders at heart."

Shaw said he was aware New Zealanders wanted negotiations to be undertaken "professionally and promptly", and the Green Party would honour that.

National and Labour are yet to announce their negotiating teams.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern has said she doesn't plan to hold three-way talks with NZ First and the Greens. She expects one-on-one talks with each party.

Both Ardern and National leader Bill English have said they want to move at the pace Winston Peters is comfortable with.