The Greens are promising a change of Government, with leader James Shaw saying he would be on the phone to Labour leader Jacinda Ardern very soon.

Speaking to a large crowd at the Green Party headquarters in downtown Auckland tonight, he said he was happy with tonight's results.

"And so should you be, because current indications are that the three opposition parties command a majority of votes once the specials and overseas votes will have been counted.''

He told the crowd he would be giving Ardern a call soon - and then appealed to NZ First leader Winston Peters to join them.


He said it was time to put their differences aside and to create a new government of change.

"New Zealanders have voted for change,'' Shaw shouted as the crowd erupted in applause.

"This has been the fight of our lives and we are still here. We are still standing,'' Shaw said.

"Our environment - nature still has a voice in Parliament.''

Shaw acknowledged that the Greens had been written off so many times, but they had come back "every single time'' thanks to supporters.