The number of people who cast an early vote this election hit a record high, with 1,240,740 New Zealanders having their say before election day.

The number easily surpassed the 716,000 who voted early last election. About 2.4 million people voted in total in 2014.

Increased interest around the election and double the number of places to vote early could explain the double in number of early votes.

Convenience was also key this time around, with voters even able to cast early votes at certain supermarkets.


An electoral law stating voting booths could not be placed inside businesses selling alcohol meant early voting stations were in store car parks.

On Friday, a record 253,473 people voted, making it the largest day of early voting in New Zealand history.

By Friday night just over 3 million people were enrolled to vote.

Voting booths close at 7pm on Saturday. Live coverage of the election will begin then.