Ever since political comedian Tom Sainsbury portrayed Paula Bennett as a "panini and bowl latte lover" in his impersonation, things have gotten a little out of control.

Sainsbury has been using Snapchat's face-swap feature to impersonate the deputy Prime Minister as she makes her way around New Zealand on the campaign trail.

In the midst of the election campaign, Bennett had to come out and admit, to the entire country, that she doesn't even really like paninis.

"And there's not a day now that goes by that I don't have someone shouting out at me about a panini or a bowl latte across the road," she told the Herald.

"I've got no idea where paninis or bowl lattes came from."


It didn't matter to people whether she liked paninis or not because Sainsbury's impersonation continue to attract thousands of views online.

Now people have been sharing their panini photos with the Bennett impersonator as part of a competition he's running.

On the final day of the campaign, Bennett decided to join in on the fun and share her panini photo with Sainsbury and his following.

"This is H&C but best recipe: blue cod and blue cheese cos Mama Bennett's all about two for blue," she posted with her photo.