A kidnapping victim has described the frightful events of the night he and his family were held hostage in their home.

North Canterbury businessmen Andrew Cameron has opened up in a Stuff article, detailing how he was forced to tie up his family while he had a pistol pointed at his head.

The family's ordeal started at 9.30pm on Monday, when a gunman burst through the front door of their Hanmer Springs home.

Nine people, including his 19-year-old son and 3-month-old baby, were home at the time.


Cameron told Stuff that while the intruder held a gun to his head and demanded he tie up his family, he believed there was no time to be scared and he had to do something.

"You start tying people up, you're starting to lose your strength so at some point you had to make a decision - pretty hard to do that with a gun pointed at you though," he said.

He tied up his son loosely and told him to stay in his room. He offered the gunman money and a set of car keys, but the masked man did not want them, Stuff reported.

While all this was unfolding, Cameron's sister-in-law hid under a bed and called police.

Stuff reports that the intruder pistol-whipped Cameron, leaving him with blood streaming down his face.

Meanwhile Cameron's son quickly freed himself from his loose binds and crept down the hallway to check on his father and uncle.

"For a 19-year-old to step into where a guy has a gun and has just seen someone with blood everywhere, that's very brave," Cameron told Stuff.

"It was an absolute team effort to control the situation. You can't control a situation like that, you can only do your best endeavours and we all did what we needed to do."

Two police officers arrived at the home and were alerted to the situation when blood-soaked Cameron answered the door.

"That actually helped the situation," he told Stuff. "I walked out the door and said 'Oh there's nothing wrong here', but I'm holding the dog who is covered in blood and I'm covered in blood."

Cameron then reportedly whispered: "It's not OK ... there's a gunman in the house".

While the officer retreated and called for back-up, the gunman forced Cameron out of the house and into the family's silver Nissan X-Trail.

Stuff reports that Cameron made his bid for freedom as the vehicle pulled out on to Hanmer Springs Rd.

He leapt from the moving SUV, then ran as it hit a fence, Stuff said.

The gunman then reportedly leapt out of the vehicle and gave chase, firing at Cameron.

It is understood someone in Cameron's house fired shots back, causing the gunman to retreat back into the SUV and speed off.

The vehicle was found two days later in the Christchurch suburb of Richmond.

Canterbury rural area commander Inspector Peter Cooper said police believe the incident was a case of mistaken identity and the victims were not the intended target of the attack.

"At this stage we haven't got a solid indication of who's done it. Someone in the public knows who the offenders are and we'd love to hear from them," he said.

Police believe it is possible the offender had others helping him.

"Police are working hard to find the person or people behind this hideous offending," Cooper said

"We acknowledge this was an incredibly distressing experience for those involved and are ensuring they are supported at this time.

"We want to reassure the Hanmer Springs community that this incident is being taken very seriously."

Investigators were forensically examining the vehicle and looking at CCTV footage from along the route as they work to identify the gunman.

Cooper appealed for anyone who saw anything suspicious, or the a silver 2017 Nissan X-Trail, registration KQU365, in the wider Hanmer Springs area between 8:30-10pm on Monday night to contact police.

Anyone with information is advised to contact Christchurch police on 03 363 7400 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 08000 555 111.