A man who was jailed for breaking into the home of an elderly woman, tying her up and attacking her before stealing $23,000 worth of property is now wanted by police for another robbery.

Auckland police are currently looking for Rangi Pauu and say he has numerous warrants to arrest, including for aggravated robbery.

Acting Detective Senior Sergeant John de Heer said Pauu had links to Auckland and Wellington.

He encouraged Pauu to hand himself in to police as soon as possible.


In March 2010 Pauu and two accomplices invaded the home of Barbara Ann Glover, 71, and her daughter Ann Shanley Glover, 41, in Miranda, 40km east of Pukekohe.

The women were sleeping when the men broke into the house at about 11.30pm.

They woke the women and demanded to know where their safe was.

When told there was no safe, they bound, tied and restrained each victim's arms and legs together with tape and cloth.

Rangi Roy Pauu at sentencing in 2010 for a violent home invasion of an elderly woman and her daughter. Photo / File
Rangi Roy Pauu at sentencing in 2010 for a violent home invasion of an elderly woman and her daughter. Photo / File

They then ransacked the house, eventually taking jewellery, bank cards, a cell phone and other personal items.

The victims were left tied up after their attackers left the house, but they managed to free themselves and drove to a neighbour for help.

In August 2010 Pauu and the other men were sentenced to seven and a half years in prison with a minimum non-parole period of five years.

In her victim impact statement, Ann Glover said she had never felt so scared in her life.


At sentencing Judge Gerard Winter said the psychological scars would stay with the victims for a long time.

"The victims were vulnerable because of their age. They were bound while the offenders rifled through their house, and left 'hog tied' - even their mobile phone was stolen so they could not call for help," he said in court.

Crown prosecutor Kevin Glubb said the incident was premeditated, planned and executed.

"They were heavily disguised and were armed with two knives and what was believed to be a firearm," he said.

"The victims were detained effectively and restrained using tape and cloth.

"Both victims were in their rural home late at night and they should have felt safe."

The women both suffered grazes and bruising during the incident.

It was revealed in court that all three men had previous convictions in Australia.

Pauu had been convicted for assault causing bodily harm.

He met his co-offenders in an Australian detention centre and they were deported to New Zealand shortly before the home invasion.

Can you help?

If you know where Pauu is contact the Auckland police on 09 302 6400.