Most New Zealanders can expect a fine day as they cast their vote this Saturday.

Niwa says a high pressure north of Cape Reinga means tranquil conditions and blue skies on across most of the country on election day.

Already 674,162 people have cast their votes at advanced booths. More more than 250,000 voted on the first two days of this week.

For the majority saving their vote for the weekend, meteorologist Seth Carrier said the North Island would be mainly fine with just a few nuisance showers peppering Gisborne and Hawke's Bay in the morning as a storm from the previous day leaves the East Cape.


After lunch, some western and central areas including Auckland, Hamilton, Taupo and Wellington could expect a few light showers but otherwise it would be blue skies all day.

But polling day would be a little more unsettled in parts of the South Island, where a weak front will bring showers over the West Coast, Southland, Otago and Stewart Island, although the weather would clear up in the afternoon.

Elsewhere in the south the skies would remain free of dark clouds. The best election day weather will be reserved for Canterbury.

Carrier said temperatures were expected to hit between 15 and 18C and the region would enjoy a dry, fine day.

In the Chatham Islands the day was expected to be typically showery and cool, with the temperature hovering around 12C.