Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark has hit out after a protester accused Labour leader Jacinda Ardern of being a communist at a farmers' protest in Morrinsville today.

Hundreds turned out for the protest in Ardern's hometown in opposition to Labour and the Greens' proposed water and pollution charges.

Although it was not supposed to be a political rally, some carried placards aimed at Labour and leader Jacinda Ardern - such as "she's a pretty communist" and, on Myrtle the Tractor, "Jacinda + the Mob thinks food grows in supermarkets" and "fart red for Labour".

There were also two National supporters sporting "Townies for Farmers" placards.


Clark took to Facebook to defend Ardern while taking a swing at protesters and their "misogynist" comments.

"I took to Twitter on the latest silly attack on Jacinda Ardern. It's incredible in this day and age that a politician calling for responsible action to address our damaged water and climate ecosystems is denigrated in this way," she wrote on Facebook.

"I have a sense of deja vu: the same forces of reaction carped throughout my time as a leader," Clark said.

"Hope most Kiwis have moved on from misogyny and climate change denial."

Despite the incident, rally organiser, local farmer and Federated Farmers representative Andrew McGiven said the high turnout showed farmers were sick of the bad rap they were getting in the lead up to the election.

"We are not easy pickings for politicians and their taxing strategies.

"By taxing farmers out of the game this is not the right way of addressing these issues.

"Extra taxes will delay any return to profitability and have a detrimental effect on our communities.


"Let's face it, you can't be green if you're in the red and even vegans need farmers."

He invoked Fred Dagg: "if it weren't for your farmers, New Zealand, where would you be."

He ended with a plea to "our urban cousins" to try to understand farming more.

"New Zealand is too small to have a rural-urban divide."