An American academic who became an internet sensation when his rowdy children interrupted a BBC interview has had a similar experience today with a New Zealand broadcaster.

Newstalk ZB host Andrew Dickens was interviewing Professor Robert Kelly about the situation in South Korea this morning when the sound of a screeching child cut across the conversation.

Earlier this year a similar thing happened when Kelly was being interviewed via Skype by the BBC.

Robert Kelly, an expert on Korea, gets a surprise visit from his children when being interviewed live on the BBC

As he was discussing the impeachment of South Korea's president on BBC World News his two children barged into the study, followed by their panicked looking mother who hauled them out of the room.


Kelly managed to continue the interview.

After the interruption this morning Kelly apologised to Dickens.

"We've just heard your child having a good old yell in the background," Dickens said.

"Sorry," Kelly replied quickly.

"It sounds like you've got up, walked into the hallway and sorted him out," Dickens laughed.

Kelly apologised again and the pair continued the interview.

The interview came two days after South Korea conducted its first live-fire drill for an advanced air-launched cruise missile that would strengthen its pre-emptive strike capability against North Korea in the event of crisis.

South Korea's military said the Taurus missile fired from an F-15 fighter jet travelled through obstacles at low altitudes before hitting a target off the country's western coast during drills.