Google data has revealed what viewers were thinking during last night's leaders' debate.

Data from Google New Zealand showed the most common searches relating to Prime Minister Bill English were about his salary, net worth and boxing - a throwback to when he took on entertainer Ted Clarke in a fight for life match in 2002.

Most searches relating to Labour leader Jacinda Ardern were about her partner and her age. Searches for "Jacinta Ardern", a misspelling of her name, soared by 60 per cent during the debate.

Across the country searches for Ardern were almost a third higher than for English during the Newshub leaders' debate which ran from 8.30pm to 10pm yesterday.


Relative interest in Ardern was highest in Taranaki but two regions bucked the trend.

In Wellington and the West Coast interest in English was higher than for Ardern.

The biggest spike in search interest for either leader during the debate was at 8.57pm when moderator Patrick Gower asked English what he would do with a $1000 tax cut.

The Prime Minister, who has six children, said he would use it to support his family.

Top searches for Jacinda Ardern

1) Jacinda Ardern husband
2) Jacinda Ardern partner
3) How old is Jacinda Ardern
4) Jacinda Ardern Clark Gayford
5) Jacinda Ardern

Top searches for Bill English

1) John Key
2) Bill English salary
3) Helen Clark
4) Bill English boxing
5) Bill English net worth