Police investigating the deaths of Raymond and James Fleet are combing through rubbish at Rotorua's landfill.

About 15 staff have been at the spot south of Rotorua on State Highway 30 since Wednesday and will continue over the next week.

Raymond Fleet, 51, and his nephew James, 25, were reported missing on August 9. Their bodies were found eight days later in the Mamaku Forest.

Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Van Kempen said: "Police are currently carrying out a search at the Rotorua Landfill as part of the investigation into the deaths of Raymond and James Fleet.


"Around 15 staff are searching for items which may be of interest to the investigation."

He said the team investigating was continuing to follow up on a number of inquiries in relation to the deaths of the two men.

They were in regular contact with the family.

A Daily Post photographer said he saw police officers at Rotorua Landfill in white and yellow boiler suits with orange vests over the top, holding rakes and other equipment.

"It looked like they were raking through the rubbish.

"They had a couple of marquees set-up, one on at the tip face and one at the bottom of the hill.

"They had one marked police vehicle and a van."

Police have previously said they are treating the deaths as suspicious.

James was last seen in Mamaku - a small town northwest of Rotorua - on Monday, August 7.

About 6.30pm a man knocked on the door of his grandmother's house, where he was living, and he went to the door.

It is understood he then left with the man, without his wallet, shoes and keys.

Raymond is understood to have gone missing around the same time.