Shocking footage has emerged of men filling pipes with synthetic cannabis and then smoking them, with one of the men appearing to pass out on the table.

Another man can be seen taking two hits of the cannabis from a metal pipe.

They also have a homemade bong and a packet of cigarettes on the table.

The men appear to act "zombie-like", appearing lethargic and barely able to move.


The video was reportedly filmed in New Zealand, and follows the devastating news of ten deaths caused by synthethic cannabis in the last month alone.

The destructive drug is often made with chemicals such as weed killer and fly spray, both of which can cause life-threatening reactions.

The video was posted to Facebook and received dozens of comments within the first few hours.

"Come on bros what a waste of life i used to manufacture this stuff and the shit i used to put in this stuff could make paint come off of a house when it was legal people used to look for the strongest hit and i had it," one Facebook user wrote.

"It sent people to the hospital but they were back the next day. Yous guys just need to give it up seen to much deaths already please think bout your family because the man making money off yous dont give a f**** about you at all. Make him rich while you or your family dies," the person added.

It can have far more powerful effect on the brain and the side effects cans be extremely unpredictable.