By Luke Kirkness

New Zealand's own version of Forrest Gump who was hit by a pickup truck in America is lucky to be alive and not to have sustained brain damage, doctors say.

Dr Nick Ashill will not be able to bear weight for 10 months while his pelvis and leg heal and will be in rehabilitation for at least five months.

A Facebook update posted by his wife Sarah said Ashill is slowly improving.


"The surgery on his pelvis went really well and we are so grateful to the incredible team of doctors and nurses and people caring for him. They are amazing!

"We are told that he's very lucky to be alive and to have been spared brain damage after being hit by a truck. He's been told that he won't weight bear for 10 weeks while his pelvis and leg heal and that he will be here for a minimum of five months. Knowing Nick's determination though, I wouldn't be surprised if his rehabilitation is faster."

Sarah thanked everyone for their support and said she read their messages to her husband when he was awake.

Ashill was 80 days into a marathon run for charity when he was badly injured in the hit-and-run. He started running from Los Angeles to New York in May to raise money for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust.