Jacinda Ardern's rise to leader of the Labour Party today has received a mixed reaction in her Mt Albert electorate, with one woman saying she is now more likely to vote Labour.

A Herald Focus visit to the electorate - the electorate held by former Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark - to gauge reaction found one woman who was leaning towards the Greens, but is now planning to vote Labour.

"I think it will be a good change for Labour to have a woman," the woman voter said.

Two other voters agreed Ardern's rise would be good for Labour with one man saying she was fit for the role, bright and vivacious.


Others weren't persuaded Ardern would make a difference.

One man said Labour did not know what they are doing at the moment, and would be voting for Winston Peters.

Another man was disappointed with Labour for changing leaders so close to the election and believed it would hurt the party.