Police are investigating the death of a woman who is believed to have smoked synthetic cannabis.

Acting Detective Inspector Peter Florence said police were investigating the death of a 31-year-old woman who was found dead at an address in Kelston last night.

Police believe the woman may have been smoking synthetic cannabis a short time before her death, however, there may have been other contributing factors, he said.

The death has been referred to the Coroner who will ultimately determine the cause.


It is the ninth death linked to synthetic cannabis in Auckland this month.

Florence said the public could be assured police were taking the matter very seriously and were doing everything the could to get synthetic cannabis off the streets.

"Every day, police officers across the country are conducting search warrants and seizing synthetic cannabis and we are continuing to put suppliers and manufacturers before the courts," he said.

"Just yesterday, our staff apprehended two people in St Lukes who were in possession of up to 3kg worth of synthetic cannabis.

"They were both arrested and charged with possession for supply."

Florence reiterated that it was really important for the public to come forward and report anyone suspected to be selling synthetic cannabis or other illegal substances.

"This is causing harm to our community, and we urge those smoking synthetic cannabis to stop immediately and seek help."

If you know anyone making and supplying synthetic cannabis contact your local police station or provide information anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Police said last week that seven people had died this month after consuming synthetic cannabis.

On Wednesday police confirmed they were investigating the death of an eight man suspected to have taken synthetic cannabis.

The deaths prompted the Chief Coroner and police to issue a public warning about synthetic cannabis.

Chief Coroner Judge Deborah Marshall said the seven dead were believed to have used synthetic cannabis recently or were found with it on them.