This is the moment a man suffering a gunshot wound managed to drive his car away from the crime scene towards waiting police officers.

Contractor Jeff Pipe was the sole survivor in a triple shooting in Whangarei yesterday morning.

He had gone to the remote Northland home to do repairs with property inspectors, mother and daughter Wendy Campbell and Natanya.

The women were shot dead by a gunman at the property and Pipe was shot and injured.


He was seen driving his red Suzuki from inside the cordon.

The windscreen appeared to have a bullet hole in it and he was guided into an awaiting ambulance.

Pipe is recovering in Whangarei Hospital and able to communicate with loved ones.

Police said he was in a stable condition with moderate injuries.

The Campbells' bodies are understood to still be in the house, which burned down after police tried to negotiate with the gunman.

He had fired shots at police, and they responded with tear gas and shots.

Northland District Commander Superintendent Russell Le Prou said believed the man was still at the house and it was "very unlikely" he had survived.

Two women and a man had gone to a home to carry out a property inspection when they were shot at a rural Whangarei address today.

He confirmed the man was known to police.


Michael Jordan told the Herald he lives about 100m from the home, which was occupied by a man he described as a "loner".

"All I know is ... the guy [who lives there], that I presume is the one responsible for the shooting, has been living there for years. I think he rented it. I don't know him that well, we used to stop and talk every so often. He kept to himself, I don't really know him that well. He's a bit of a loner really."

Jordan believed there may have been more than one person living there, but he only ever saw the one man at the property.

He did not believe the man had a wife or children at the home.

"He actually drove past, going to town, and he tooted and waved," Jordan said of one meeting.

"We're on a rural road, so it's not like we're in the middle of town."

Jordan said the man would probably be in his mid-50s.

"From what I know he's the one responsible, but until we hear all the facts I wouldn't know."

He said he heard gunshots recently and on Sunday, but added he didn't think anything of it given the rural setting.

Jordan said he only arrived home just after 6pm after the cordon had been lifted, and was not home when the tragedy unfolded.

Cordons were lifted just before 6pm and the armed offenders squad left the scene around the same time.

"We still have a number of inquiries to make to begin to understand the tragedy that has unfolded today," Le Prou said.

"Police will do everything we can to support the victims' families.

"Our community will be understandably shocked by the events but Northland is a tight-knit community and will stand together to support one another," he said.