The story of a dog rescued in Havelock North on Friday morning has a happy ending.

Jazz, the black labrador found freezing in water under a bridge on Iona Rd at 8am on Friday, was reunited with her owner the same evening.

VetEnt Havelock North staff had spent the day caring for the dog and made a post on Facebook looking for her owner which was shared more than 800 times.

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Vet nurse Jasmine Golding said on Friday afternoon a member of the public came into the vet after recognising Jazz as their neighbour's dog.

From there, staff were able to contact the owner who had been worried about their beloved pet since she went missing on Thursday night.

Jazz was picked up from the vet by her owner on Friday evening.

"She was very, very happy and they were very, very happy to see her."

Staff at the vet had hoped that Jazz's ordeal was not sinister but more along the lines of her wandering off and this turned out to be the case, Ms Golding said.

"She's a very, very old lady. The assumption that she was a doddery old girl who got lost and got into trouble is correct."

VetEnt Havelock North staff were overwhelmed by the response from members of the public who had seen their post about Jazz and wanted to help.

There were also a lot of people offering her a home if her owner was not found, she said.


"We really appreciate everyone who helped."

Vet staff had trouble finding Jazz's owner at first because she did not have a microchip or a council tag.

She was rescued by a member of public and VetEnt staff before being to the vet where she was fed and kept warm.