The partner of a young mother diagnosed with a rare cancer has made a heartfelt plea for help to give the woman he loves another chance at life.

Daniel Milo, of Auckland, is asking anyone who will listen to help raise funds towards a $50,000 treatment that would help prolong the life of his fiancee, Elaine Iketau.

"Please, please, please. I beg you. I plead to you.

"Please give my precious fiancee, our kids' perfect mum, a chance at life and living longer with us.


"Your generosity will secure Elaine the treatment she desperately needs.''

Milo has made the plea via a GiveALittle page the family has set up.

Iketau, 31, was told last month the devastating news that she had an incurable cancer: Stage 4 Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Carcinoid Cancer.

It is the same rare disease Apple co-founder Steve Jobs succumbed to in 2011.

In Iketau's case, a tumour has spread from her pancreas to her liver.

As a result, surgery is no longer an option; so controlling the cancer is the only way to prolong life and to give her more time to spend with her children, partner and family.

Speaking to the Herald today, Iketau did not know exactly how much time she had left; only that doctors had estimated "years''.

She gets emotional when speaking about her 9-year-old son Lalakai and 6-year-old daughter Lorielle.

"I want to be a grandma. I want to see my kids be adults.

"They know that I'm not well. They know that mummy's sick. But I've got a lot of hope and prayers.''

She is yet to start chemotherapy, but has been found to be eligible for a treatment recommended by her oncologist and dubbed Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy.

The treatment, however, is not funded in New Zealand and will cost $50,000. She will have to travel to Australia to have it done, if the funds are raised.

Iketau, who has since left her job as a call centre operator after being diagnosed, insists she and her fiance are making do with rent, utility and grocery bills.

They have good family support and had three jobs between them, before the diagnosis.

But the cost of the treatment has pushed them out.

"It's money we don't have. It's hard just asking for anything.

"But please share.''

To help Elaine, visit: GiveAlittle Life For My Wife