The party hasn't stopped at Team New Zealand headquarters as Kiwis toast the success in this morning's America's Cup finals series.

Members at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron were continuing the party into lunchtime as the drinks flowed and the sun shone at Westhaven Marina in Auckland.

Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron spokesman Andrew Delves said they had been through more than 300 bottles of champagne this morning, not including those given away for free.

About 1000 people packed into the building to watch Team New Zealand defeat Oracle Team USA and win back the America's Cup this morning.


A group of Team New Zealand supporters celebrating with glasses of rum said the racing had been "fantastic".

"I think we've demonstrated that the biggest companies in the world, the biggest teams and the most money can't beat innovation and passion and expertise.

"If you're prepared to do the hard work - and that got evidenced today - what more can you say?"

The group said they will definitely be seeking a front-row seat when America's Cup racing returns to Auckland.

"We'll be here in four years, we'll probably be here for the next four years, on the same deck."

Their only minor complaint was the early-morning rise to watch the action.

"There is scope to work on the scheduling to be fair, I think we could start a little bit later in the morning. 5 o'clock is maybe not optimal.

"It's a wonderful result, it's wonderful we got it done first one off the bat and now we get to celebrate for the rest of the day."


Some of the group were in Bermuda last week to see how Team New Zealand went about their work.

"We saw they're not living a glamorous life, they're working hard, and they're doing it as the little team that doesn't have the backing that the rest of the world's got, and that's an amazing thing.

"They worked hard and they deserve every minute of the celebrations they've got going on for today and the rest of the week."