Christie Marceau's mother and father have given evidence at the inquest into her death, which opened today in Auckland.

The 18-year-old was stabbed to death in her North Shore home in November 2011 by Akshay Chand.

Christie Marceau inquest begins in Auckland with recap of her violent death
Terrifying last moments at hands of insane killer

Chand had been recently released on bail and was facing charges of kidnapping and assaulting Christie, who he attended school with and worked with.


Her father Brian Marceau was emotional when he spoke about his youngest daughter before Coroner Katharine Greig.

He explained that he was working in Australia when Chand was freed on bail.

Before that he had helped his daughter write a letter to the court opposing her attacker's release.

"We submitted the letter thinking it would be presented for the hearing and used to strengthen the objection by police to Chand getting bail," he told the inquest.

He said Chand was "depressed and obsessed with Christie" before he killed her.

Brian Marceau was also in Australia when his daughter was violently killed.

She died in her mother's arms.

"I still cannot fathom how someone going from no record to kidnapping and assault does not signal a risk," Brian Marceau said.


His wife Tracey Marceau was the next witness called.

She was home when Chand killed Christie and held her daughter as she took her last breath, telling her she loved her.

Tracey Marceau wept as she spoke about the events of the day.

She refused to speak Chand's name as she gave evidence.

"I'm sorry, I don't use his name," she told the court.

She said when she was told Chand had been granted bail she was "horrified".

"I knew his house was close to our house as we could see it from our deck," she said.

"It was across the valley and clearly in sight."

Brian and Tracey Marceau addressing the media after Chand's sentencing in 2012. Photo / Sarah Ivey
Brian and Tracey Marceau addressing the media after Chand's sentencing in 2012. Photo / Sarah Ivey

Tracey Marceau asked police if the bail decision could be appealed.

"I believed Christie was in danger and the bail conditions were ludicrous with no thought for Christie's safety," she said.

However she was told it was not an option.

She then learned that Chand would not be subject to electronically monitored bail - which had earlier been suggested.

"I was horrified," she said.

Tracey Marceau told the inquest she questioned the decision but was told electronic monitoring (EM) bail "was no longer a consideration".

"I pleaded with both (police) and (the victim advisor) as I was terrified for Christie," she said.

"I have since found out that Judge McNaughton's bail decision could have been appealed and this would have been dealt with as an urgent matter."

Tracey Marceau became extremely emotional when she recalled discussing with her husband whether he should go back to work and leave his family in Auckland.

"Brian went to Australia," she said.

"One week later, [Chand] killed Christie."