An incident at a Canterbury high school evacuated after a "threatening remark" was made is now resolved.

Police were at Lincoln High School earlier today after being notified by the school that a student had reported a concerning conversation with another student.

The school was evacuated as a precaution after police were notified that a student had made a threatening remark against the school, police said.

Officers spoke to those involved and have now left the scene.


In a statement, police said they would treat any reports of this nature seriously and thanked students and staff for their patience.

Joyce McHerron is the head teacher at Kidsfirst Kindergartens Lincoln, which is next to the high school.

She said she had heard there had been a bomb threat at the school, but did not have any more information.

The kindergarten had not been evacuated.

"We've heard from our head office that we can carry on as normal because they have heard from police that the person has been apprehended."

A police media spokesman would not confirm whether there had been a bomb threat, saying he could not add more to the statement police had already given.