Search and rescue teams have successfully reunited a dog with its best friend more than 24 hours after the pet fell about 30m down a bluff in the Okoki Valley, Urenui.

The dog, named Reggie, was hunting wild pigs with his owner, Brandon, when he fell about midday on Friday.

He had no visible injuries when he was rescued.

After several unsuccessful attempts by Reggie's owner and some nearby friends, tried to rescue him and Taranaki Police Search and Rescue (SAR) and the Taranaki Alpine Cliff Rescue (TACR) were called in to help this morning.


Rescuers abseiled down and winched Reggie from over the bluff and reunited him with his owner this afternoon, Constable Pete Lawn said.

Reggie will be thoroughly examined by vet.
Reggie will be thoroughly examined by vet.

"Along with a team of four cliff rescue specialists, Police walked into the bush with Reggie's owner to recover him.

"Without the expertise of the Taranaki Alpine Cliff Rescue team, it would have been impossible to recover the dog from its precarious situation.

"The area was in dense bush and required specialist equipment to be carried in on foot in order to carry out this rescue."

Lawn said in rare circumstances police do help rescue trapped animals.

"We're really pleased we were able to reunite Reggie with his best friend and Reggie looked happier than anyone!"

The dog will be thoroughly examined by a vet to make sure he isn't hurt, Lawn said.