A 92-year-old motorist has been caught speeding seven times in the past five months, clocking up $310 worth of fines.

West Auckland's Leslie Harris was caught four times in December 2016 driving over the 50km/h limit on West Coast Rd in Glen Eden.

On each occasion he was fined $30 for exceeding the limit by 8km/h, 9km/h, 10km/h and 5km/h.

In 2017, Harris was also caught driving over the 50km/h speed limit in New Lynn and on State Highway 16, Helensville, in April.


Harris told Fairfax the 50km/h was a joke and said it was frustrating to get ticketed when there was no traffic on the road.

"It is glaringly clear to me that the 50km/h mentality is very wrong, and should be obsolete.

"Sixty in this day and age is a perfectly safe speed, especially with having vehicles with superior brakes and steering," Harris said.

Harris said thousands, like him, naturally drive over the limit at between 50 and 60 km/h.

The grandfather of six also picked up an $80 fine on the same day he copped another ticket for doing 61km/h in a 50km/h zone.

Police revealed that in 2016 the West Auckland region totalled $1,424,290 in fines.

Harris told Fairfax he believes more time should be spent teaching drivers how to use their mirrors instead of focusing on speeding drivers.