New Zealand First politician Winston Peters has made a Twitter gaffe this morning.

He tweeted "Tweets on Winston Peters NZ politician", a phrase he presumably meant to type into the search bar.

The 72-year-old frequently tweets many times a day detailing his political engagements and reaction to the National Party.

If you were to search "Tweets on Winston Peters NZ politician" his mistake is the first one that appears.


Peters said the tweet was not written by him.

"Of course not. The culprit has been found."

His reply to further questions was "none of your business".

A retired British Labour Party politician made the same "balls up" in 2011. An aide suggested to Ed Balls to search for a Twitter article that mentioned him.

Balls typed in his name but accidentally hit send when a phone call came in.

The original tweet has since been retweeted over 94,000 times and received over 60,000 likes.

April 29 has now been crowned Ed Balls day. Balls retweets the original tweet at 4.20pm, the time it was first sent. Many Twitter users follow suit and several companies have joined in by tweeting their own name.