The teen who stabbed West Auckland dairy worker Arun Kumar to death has been released on parole.

The boy was just 13 when he and a 12-year-old associate attacked Kumar, 57, at the Riverside Dairy in Henderson.

The older teenager was found guilty of Kumar's manslaughter and was jailed for six years, later reduced on appeal. The 12-year-old was acquitted of manslaughter.

The Railside Dairy in Henderson where dairy owner Arun Kumar was stabbed to death in June 2014. Photo / Dean Purcell
The Railside Dairy in Henderson where dairy owner Arun Kumar was stabbed to death in June 2014. Photo / Dean Purcell

In its redacted progress hearing report the Parole Board said the teenager, now 16, was released on parole in January this year.


The Parole Board had earlier declined to release the parole decision, but said it had reconsidered after receiving legal advice.

The report stated the boy was well supported by his Child Youth and Family caregivers and did not require any further monitoring.

"We see no need to monitor (redacted) any further. He is obviously being well supported and developed by all those responsible for his care, including CYPF (redacted) and Community Probation." the report stated.

All other conditions of parole, apart from the monitoring, would be in place until June 2019.

The conditions included attending programmes, not to have drugs or alcohol, seeing a psychologist and no contact with his co-accused or the Kumar family.

He was allowed supervised visits with family members.

The report stated the teen was attending school and was "polite and respectful".

His English teacher said he interacted positively with his peers and he was communicating in a "very mature and developed manner".


The formal parole hearing was held in November last year where it stated the teenager had "quiet self-leadership" and was achieving good exam results.

It said he was also performing well in sports.

At the time of the attack on Kumar the boy was not being educated and had been moved from school to school on a regular basis.

The report stated the boy suffered a number of disabilities including a brain injury from a car accident when he was eight and foetal alcohol syndrome.

On the day Kumar was fatally stabbed in June, 2014 the teenager and a friend planned to rob the Railside Dairy and armed themselves with a knife and metal pole.

The teenager stabbed Kumar in the neck and Kumar died at the scene.


Kumar left behind a wife and children.