A rugby match in Wellington was called off early today when a player collapsed on the field and began convulsing - less than a week after his teammate died from a rugby injury.

The game was a tribute match involving the team of 19-year-old Daniel Baldwin, who died on Wednesday after suffering an injury in a game last weekend.

A teammate of Baldwin's was knocked out during a tackle in today's game between Wellington and Avalon Colts (under 21) at Hataitai Park.

A Radio Sport reporter on the scene said 21-year-old Teua Rawiri was convulsing on the ground after the collision.


He said the game was called off 10 minutes into the second half.

When Rawiri was stretchered off the field, the Avalon team faced the Wellington team and performed an impromptu haka, he said.

An ambulance spokeswoman said paramedics were called to treat an "unconscious" man.

He had moderate injuries and was taken to hospital.

The reporter said he went to see Rawiri before he was taken to hospital.

"He had a very heavy, bloody cut above his right eye, but he was talking, so He had kind of regained groggy consciousness."

Wellington Rugby spokesman Toby Robson said the player has since been discharged from hospital and is reportedly "fine".

Avalon chairman Glenn Kennedy said the incident was "pretty sad" for the Wellington club considering Baldwin's death.

"For that to happen to them again so short in the piece sort of thing, it's just of one of those things. Wrong place, wrong time, probably quite similar to last week, but I understand he's okay in this instance.

"I feel for Wellington, definitely."

Kennedy had not spoken with his team yet but was sure they would understand the game being called off.

The other player involved in the tackle was treated by paramedics, but Kennedy said he was "okay".

"I just think the game was played in good spirit right up to the end. It's just one of those isolated incidents that sometimes occur in a game. Just unfortunate that it did and particularly so close to recent events."

Baldwin's teammates voted to play this weekend despite his passing earlier in the week.

He had left the field near the end of last weekend's game and showed concussion symptoms. His condition deteriorated rapidly and he had to undergo brain surgery.

Baldwin, who was in an induced coma, died a few days later.