A "moderate" earthquake which struck Waipukurau tonight was felt across Hawke's Bay.

Geonet recorded the shake as a "moderate" magnitude 4 centred 5km east of Waipukurau at 6.24pm at a depth of 15km.

A New Zealand Fire spokesperson said there were no reports of damage or injury.

The Hawke's Bay Civil Defence Emergency Management Group released a statement on Facebook reminding people to go over their emergency plans.


"The earthquake was obviously felt by a number of you.

"Even though it's only a 'moderate' earthquake, I like to think of it as a good reminder to go over my emergency plan - if you don't have a plan yet then now is a good opportunity to talk with your friends and family and make one."

The jolt gave a dozens of people a shock who took to social media to express their thoughts with many feeling it as far away as Hastings and Napier.

Here are some comments:

- "well that was a short loud earthquake!"

- "Scared me"

- "What a huge jolt! Yuk Yuk!!"

- "It wasn't a scary one here, but a reasonable jolt all the same."

- "2 jolts was like someone was trying to shove our house off the piles. We are waipuk central"

- "Thought a truck had crashed into something outside. very sharp and violent."

- "I felt it (Waipukurau), felt like 2 jolts, I thought someone had driven into the house or something!"

- "Was sitting on a chair, thought the doggo had walked by and knocked it"