A man sent to jail almost four years ago for supplying methamphetamine has emerged from prison only to reoffend and be sentenced to more jail time.

Jaydan Peter Wire, 27, appeared in the Napier District Court yesterday morning for sentencing after pleading guilty to supplying methamphetamine.

He was sentenced to two years and three months' imprisonment by Judge Geoff Rea after dealing methamphetamine at street level from July to October in 2016.

It was during August in 2016 that police became aware Wire was involved in distributing methamphetamine within the Hawke's Bay region.


They analysed text message data from a mobile phone number he had been using to organise purchases of methamphetamine from suppliers and sales of smaller amounts to customers.

According to the summary of facts, the messages captured from July to October 2016 established consistent selling of methamphetamine from 0.05 gram bags selling for $50 through to gram bags selling for $650.

The court heard Wire, represented by defence counsel Matthew Phelps, has previously served a prison sentence for similar, more serious offending.

Wire was jailed alongside two other people in 2013 after being busted by police as part of two major drug operations overseen by the Eastern Districts Organised Crime Unit in 2012.

At the time of his sentencing Judge Bridget Mackintosh said Wire was an example of a person involved in the terrible cycle of addiction and dealing. She sentenced him to three years' imprisonment.

In his submissions yesterday, Mr Phelps said Wire had attempted to start afresh before his domestic circumstances changed and highlighted his need for an opportunity to get out of the area and start over.

He proposed the community would benefit in the long run if Wire was sentenced home detention and rehabilitated, adding his family was not yet estranged from him.

"He is fortunate, sir, to be in a position where he has not yet alienated himself from his family and support people."


However, Judge Rea said, Wire had already been given major opportunities to address the issues that got him into trouble and failed to do so.

He also said Wire's unhappy encounters with gangs were a result of "the company you keep" and not a mitigating factor, adding that even if the sentence imposed was under two years he would not be granted home detention.

Yesterday Detective John McGregor said it had been a standalone bust and was not part of a wider operation.

Methamphetamine is a Class "A" controlled drug that carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.