Ever wanted to take your spa with you on a road trip? Well now you can.

Matt Keen, from Bulls, is auctioning off his Spoat - a boat he salvaged from the river and turned into a spa on wheels.

"It is with great reluctance that it has come time to pass on my one true love," his Trade Me listing reads.

"I permanently mounted the boat on to a trailer (road legal), where I reworked the trailer, hand-built a spa in the back, revamped the entire boat, chucked in a butt-kicking sound system, designed and built a cooler in the transom and built a wicked light-show system.


"All this was achieved in five years, two girlfriends and two hospital visits."

Keen finally finished the project last year when he was named one of three winners of the Speight's Unfinished Projects campaign and awarded $10,000.

He warns those bidding on the spa boat he is "needy" and might need to "hear her purr occasionally".

"Actually, I would probably be like that crazy ex and become a Spaboat stalker. This is going to be hard to say goodbye!"

He is also promising to give half of any proceeds over $10,000 to the Missing Wingman Trust - a charity which supports families of Royal New Zealand Air Force staff who are killed, wounded, injured or ill, whether in New Zealand or overseas.

He is also fundraising for the charity by racing a tuk tuk 3000km across India.

​The Trade Me auction for the classic example of Kiwi ingenuity closes at 2.45pm on Wednesday. The start price is $8000.